This is hands down the best parody twitter ever

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imagine newt and hermann realize that they cant sleep apart bc of the neural connection and newt opens his door to go to hermann’s room across the hall (they’re still at the shatterdome for the time being) and hermann is at his door about to knock and he’s wearing matching pjs
and hermann’s just like “i couldn’t sleep”
and newts like “me either. you wanna??” and he gestures back to his bed, inviting hermann without saying the words because really they need to talk about this but not now because it’s 2 am, they cancelled the apocalypse, and they haven’t actually slept in what feels like two days
and hermann just nods and walks into newt’s room and they stand in awkward silence for a bit just like looking at each other
“i can, uh, i can still feel some of your emotions?” newt breaks the silence.
“i can feel yours as well. it’s just waves of impressions that come and go, but they’re certainly still there” hermann replies
and newt is just like “yeah, dude, exactly”
and they spend a bit more time just kinda awkwardly standing there
“dude, c’mon lets just go to bed” newt decides to start it because wow he’s tired and he hasn’t been up this long since college and god he needs to sleep
and hermann nods and moves towards the bed and lies down on one side and newt takes up the other side and they stare at the ceiling, still unable to sleep
until hermann’s finally just like “oh, hell” and grabs newt’s hand and awkwardly holds it and newt can’t help but smile and smile because whoa they’re holding hands
and he tentatively manages to tangle his limbs with hermann’s
and they finally sleep and it’s the best sleep they’ve ever had, even though newt is a blanket hog and hermann kicks sometimes and they both sometimes mutter things in their sleep. it is perfect, perfect, perfect.

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Newtmun is OFFICIALLY OUT OF THE CLOSET (for being trans, I’ve been out as pan for a loooong time) 


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Bless that one person in every group that is like “keep going, I’m listening” and encourages you to finish your story even when everyone else is talking over you.

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This is the sound Jupiter emits via electromagnetic waves. It’s so incredibly cool (10:00)

it sounds so sad and lonely

It’s beautiful


holy fuck

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Anonymous said: HOW BIG IS UR DICK


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